Living with Dementia is difficult, but LivDem has been proven to make adjusting to a diagnosis easier. Click below to find out how LivDem can help... 

For patients and their families, receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia is difficult, and can sometimes be traumatic. Often people are left with many uncertainties and unanswered questions.


Many people working in the NHS or in third sector organisations can struggle to find ways to provide the support that they know their clients need. While practical information is relatively easy to provide, it is often much harder to help people to adjust to their diagnosis. 


The managers and commissioners of services for people living with dementia may also need reassurance that any interventions they provide are underpinned by research showing improved outcomes. 


For all of these reasons, the Living Well with Dementia or LivDem Course is important. It is the only evidence-based, structured approach that sets out to help people who have recently received a diagnosis of dementia to adjust to their illness. 



Since March 2020 when the UK went into lockdown in an effort to control the Covid-19 pandemic, the delivery of the Living Well with Dementia (LivDem) course has been postponed across the country. Course facilitators have suggested that developing an online version of LivDem could fill the gap that has been left during this period where face to face group sessions are unable to be delivered.


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