Facilitators Manual
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The manual for facilitators that accompanies the course is available here


In order to illustrate some of the issues that are discussed during sessions, participants and their families are welcome to watch these accompanying videos. They feature participants on a previous course talk about their experiences as well as Ann Marshall and other practitioners who have been associated with the course.

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Each session of the course is accompanied with a hand-out, which is intended to act as a focus for discussion by participants and their families and supporters.


You can download PDF versions of the session handouts bellow: 

Preliminary session - Preliminary meeting for participants and partners (information about the                                         course) 

Week One - Is there anything wrong with me? (Identifying things that people on the
                     course struggle with, and things that are going better.)

Week Two - Memory aids and strategies 

Week Three - Worry, stress and memory. (Coping with the physical symptoms of stress, negative                         thoughts, relaxation exercises) 

Week Four - Finding a way through the feelings. (How does dementia make you feel? ups and                            downs)

Week Five - Relationships - to tell or not to tell? (Reactions of strangers, advantages and                                     disadvantages, telling people about having dementia, coping with social situations,                       helping others help you) 

Week Six - What is dementia? (Different forms of dementia, Who can help me?) 

Week Seven - Living as well as you can. (Taking charge of your life, power of attorney, driving,                             changing your situation)

Week Eight - Staying active. (Physical exercise, smoking, diet and nutrition, mental activity, social                       activity) 

DELIVERING LIVDEM ONLINE If you are interested in finding out about delivering LivDem online you can find more information and recourses HERE.